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Di. 7. November 201720:00

Antoine Dufour (CAN) – Modern Acoustic Guitar Heroe

In der Summe über 50 Millionen YouTube-Klicks! Der Guitar-Heroe aus Montreal gehört wie Andy McKee, Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, Ewan Dobson, Calum Graham, Thomas Leeb u.a. zur Candyrat-Records-Elite. Sein Gitarrenspiel ist bahnbrechend und atemberaubend. Perkussives und gleichzeitig sehr melodisches Gitarrenspiel auf allerhöchstem Niveau mit dem Hi-End-Sound einer ganzen Rockband. Antoine Dufour hat die Canadian Fingerstyle Championships gewonnen, unterrichtet Master-Classes, gibt weltweit Workshops und tourt permanent rund um den Globus. Ein weiterer Weltklassegitarrist in der Vita der Singers & Players Konzertreihe.

Antoine Dufour auf YouTube:

These Moments (3.24 Mio YouTube Klicks)
Air Ground
Star Trails
Déjà Vu
Talk / Coldplay Cover
Spiritual Groove
In My Own Rhythms
1979 / Smashing Pumpkins Cover
A Hiding Place For The Moon
A Hiding Place For The Moon / Andy McKee & Antoine Dufour
She Is Music

37 year old Montreal, Canada, based guitarist Antoine Dufour is known colloquially among the best guitar players in the world as a musician’s musician. To fans of popular music, he deftly combines jaw-dropping guitar playing skills and an artistic soul in crafting instrumental compositions that reflect ambient and progressive music that transcends global cultures and languages. That he does this in an incredibly visual and entertaining style has endeared him to a broad spectrum of fans of popular music.

Via his six albums of original material released to critical acclaim, two live performance DVDs, 6 years of global touring and more than 50 million cumulative views on YouTube, Antoine Dufour has emerged as a young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, building a worldwide reputation for innovation and creativity.

Antoine’s records of accomplishment include winning First place at the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships, Third place at the ultra-prestigious international guitar championships at Winfield, recording for the leading Instrumental music record label Candyrat, plus touring and playing with luminary guitar players such as Andy McKee and Don Ross.

Through his active schedule of post show meet and greets with every fan after gigs, holding seminars, workshops and masterclasses as part of his tour schedule he truly loves engaging fans on a one-to-one level – however, it is via social media that he has connected with millions of fans spread out all over the globe.

Clearly, fans are attracted to his technical prowess in the progressive Acoustic Guitarist as trail-blazed by such geniuses as Michael Hedges and Preston Reed.

Reviews & Comments

“The youthful Antoine Dufour’s million views on Youtube are easily understood. His style packs a rock band’s punch behind extraordinary fluency and features highly effective flamenco-like percussion and deftly reflective melodies as well as urgent, nimble picking.” – Rob Adams The Herald, Glasgow, Scotland

“Antoine is a wonderland of fingerpicking and highly intricate compositions soothing the soul as they engage the mind. Dufour’s riffs are incredible, never-ending, and at times seemingly impossible for human fingers to pull off.” –  Mark S. Tucker Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Weitere Infos: www.antoinedufourmusic.com

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